The history of the hotel and country inn Landgasthof zur Blume 

in Lichtenau-Scherzheim, Germany


Since it was Blum, the landlord’s son, who bought the property and developed it into an inn, the house is given the name of “Blume”.


Erna and Karl Ott took over the guest house from the Lauck Family. A butcher, livestock trader and a smallholding also belong to the guest house. Later, after several building conversions, a slaughterhouse with a traditional sausage kitchen was added.


The retail unit was renovated and satisfied the needs of its customers.


The next generation took over the “Blume” and further reconstructed the property. The guest house is now a hotel with a bowling alley and a newly renovated retail unit.

In order to meet the changing needs of the customers, the inn also had to change what it had to offer them. Therefore the owners of the property decided to concentrate their efforts on the restaurant and the hotel with 24 rooms, and the butchers was closed.

Currently the third generation of the Ott family is working at the “Blume” guest house. Alterations and adaptions are always necessary; this doesn’t mean, however, that established, traditional and popular dishes are no longer offered. Regional dishes such as Knöpflesuppe (noodle soup) and Saumagen (pig’s stomach), which are prepared in the in-house butchers, can still be found on our menu and will remain there for the foreseeable future. Enjoy!

 Hotel-Landgasthof zur Blume 
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